Forty Princess Street
Different by design.

Situated in the heart of Manchester's vibrant village quarter, Forty Princess Street is set to open in late 2019 and will offer 60,000 sq ft of modern workspace which includes it's own gym, bar and courtyard area.
Design & Creative Direction
Print & Digital
Signage & Wayfinding​​​​​​​
Campaign Strategy
The 'Welcome' Campaign
To create a memorable advertising campaign, a relatable theme was needed to connect to the everyday worker. Every workplace occupies different characters, so why not celebrate them. Forty Princess Street addresses the theme with the view that no matter which personality you are, you are always welcome.
Pre-Lettings Package
During refurbishment works, the client requested for a piece of marketing material that would be available to show potential tenants the scope of the works. A custom hard bound box was produced with the ability to exchange pages when specification was updated.